David Trought is  the Careers and Employability Director at AUT  Business & Law Faculty. Recruited to set up and implement a career & employability service for undergraduate & postgraduate students to enhance employability and engagement with industry.

David has over 24 years’ experience of offering careers guidance and education, and over 17 years’ experience working in the tertiary environment in New Zealand and the UK. DAvid has considerable experience in working with employers and a clear understanding of what motivates recruiters. A common theme in David’s career has been setting up new initiatives from scratch ranging from the university sector to Industry Training Organisations (ITO’s).

David has been piloting a psychometric tool that determines personality types, preferences and abilities. This can be used to assist students in selecting careers which best match their personality strengths and skills and motivations, then highlights how to link to the world of work.

As an experienced career practitioner David emphasises the importance of making good career decisions based on strong interests and tempered by employment realities.