Sourcing Talent for NZ Start-Ups

At #it18nz tech talent conference we will explore in-depth the people side of the tech sector in NZ. Some of the things you can learn at #it18nz:

  •  What makes high-growth tech companies tick – Palantir
  •  Building a tech company from scratch – Gameloft
  •  Finding talent the Open Source way – Red Hat
  •  How to find tech talent using unconventional means – AIRS
  •  Hacking tech culture – HRShop
  •  How to engage hard to find tech talent – Vend
  •  Emerging technologies and the future of work – 3 Clouds

Also featuring talks from Vend, BNZ, ADP, Prominence, Summer of Tech, AUT Tech etc. Don’t miss #it18nz, an event dedicated to the management of the most precious asset tech companies have – talent. Get a special start-up rate here.

(p.s: Tweet why you want to attend #it18nz and go into the draw to win a ticket. Three to win.)